Asphalt Promises


I’m at a crossroads

Wondering where I should go

And all of the signposts

Lead me on empty roads

But if I turn at the old church

It shouldn’t be too long

Before I’m coming back to you


I’ve lost my way

More times than I’d care to admit

But bearings can be so hard

To come by these days

And if it’s so confusing

When everyone’s so confused

It all seems so tempting

It’s so hard to refuse

And every time I see a sign

I just don’t know what to do

But it seems every way I take

Takes me back to you


So leave a light on

I’m coming home soon

The road is just a passing fancy

I want to come back to you


I know my vows

Sound like asphalt promises

And though you should just say goodbye

I promise you this

Wherever I’m heading

I’ll never get very far

‘Cause every road that I take

And every pass that I make

And every red light I forsake

I’m still coming back to you


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