Repost: This poem doesn’t belong here…

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read my blog, liked my work, and especially who have followed my babbling. I won’t lie and say I do it all for the readers, for as many of you can probably attest, we do it for ourselves — to grow as artists, to get those demons out of our head, for instance — but it does make it a lot more rewarding to know we don’t do it in a vacuum. So again, thank you all.

I’d like to introduce one of my first follows and hope you get a chance to read her work. Many of her poems are just a line or two, some a bit longer, but all of them provide a fairly raw and honest glimpse into her psyche and soul. It’s not always pretty, but always beautiful.

Give her a gander and maybe some follows and broaden our communities another writer more. And best wishes for the coming year!

Yours, S.

They say people come and people go.

But I say you’ve stayed when I’ve pushed you away.

They say that time heals all wounds.

But I say time just makes them hurt a little less.

They say I’m crazy and make no sense.

But you say I’m perfect in my own little way.

They say you’ll never grow to become anything.

But I say you’ve already become who you are.

They say that this poem doesn’t belong here, for it’s not like the rest.

But I say I could spend a lifetime in your arms, safe in your little nest.

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