what we are not

sadly ironic

how it always seems

no matter how many

mountains we climb,

oceans we swim,

dragons we slay,

or stars we capture,

we only notice

the ones we’ve yet

to scale,

to span,

to conquer,

to harness.

no matter what

greatness we possess,

we see only

what we are not.

the things we’ve

yet to achieve,

let serve as impetus

to reach for more,

but never should we

let what we are not

anchor us to the ground



Day 9


One thought on “what we are not

  1. Yes! We get stuck on all the things we haven’t done, that each success we have doesn’t make us FEEL successful–we’re always looking at the next feat to conquer. Sometimes it’s just good to sit and reflect on all the things we have done, and feel proud from that.

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