to stand upon the mountaintop

of years piled on end,

as days fall away

and history compounds,

as wisdom grows

and loved ones die,

as villages became cities

and cities became dust.

you saw horses become horsepower,

saw man take to the sky,

and then the stars,

and saw their power unleashed

upon your homeland.

such travesties and kindnesses

visited upon the world,

though to you they likely

were another world away.

living simply, day to day

often makes for the fullest life,

as the ones who try to

stuff it all in

succumbed in your relative youth.

but yet you persevered,

until now.

for none know how long

this mortal coil spins

but they all end eventually.

every one.

In honor of Nabi Tahoma, the ranking oldest person alive, and her passing this Saturday at 117 years and 260 days old.


Day 23


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